February Tot School Recap

Here’s what we did in Tot School this month!

Bible Verse:

 “Guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” Proverbs 4:23

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart…” Matthew 22:37

Book:  Didn’t really get many from the library in time…

Who Loves You, Baby?

Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

Color Focus: Loved this!

Review red and (new) pink – You know that I’m excited about this one!

-We will mix red and white to make pink.

The heart is pink coloring page.

Letter Focus: Hh – We did lots of coloring. We’re not really focusing on the letters much yet. Fairley did get some alphabooks that are fun, so we work on initial sound with those a lot.

Coloring/Painting Sheet

Coloring/Painting Sheet 2

Simple Heart

Printable Valentine’s Day Coloring Sheets

Music: Grooveshark Playlist

“I’ve Got Joy Down in My Heart”

“If You’re Happy and You Know It”

“Jesus Loves Me”

“I’ve Got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy Down in My Heart”

Art Exploration/Dramatic Play:

Shredded Tissue Paper Heart Valentines – They loved this!

Heart scribbles art – Made great Valentine’s gifts!

Continuing with our felt snowman and maybe adding some felt hearts to decorate with – loved this!


Winter Sensory Bin – Still a big hit! And going to adapt it for use at Fairley’s birthday party next month. :)

We might add a red and pink sensory bin or maybe a valentine’s sensory bin. – The Valentine’s bin was a success! This kept their attention for a long time!


Candy hearts – Sorting by color using candy hearts. We will also count each color set. – Skipped this until they are a little older. Had a feeling the choking hazard/fact that it’s candy would make that difficult to manage.

Felt hearts – discrimination of size, color, same/different, etc. – Did this with our snowman.

Motor Skills: Spooning Hearts  – Adapted this to better fit their age. We used a silicon baking sheet (heart shaped). Then I got BIG hearts that fit inside each heart. We practiced one-to-one correspondence with this activity. They liked it, but it wasn’t one that they wanted to do repeatedly.

SnackHeart-shaped strawberries – We ate lots of strawberries, but I never found a small enough heart-shaped cookie cutter…

Field Trip/Service Project: Passing out roses to nursing home residents – This was such fun!!!!

Extra notes: Ideas from this website were part of a tot pack that I purchased.


IMAG1358 (2)IMAG1359 (2)IMAG1361IMAG1373IMAG1365 (2)IMAG1367IMAG1366 (2)IMAG1363IMAG1445IMAG1447IMAG1448IMAG1450IMAG1449IMG_0233IMAG1463IMAG1464IMAG1465IMAG1466IMAG1467IMAG1472IMAG1476IMAG1490IMAG1494IMAG1495IMAG1497IMAG1498IMAG1558IMAG1559IMAG1561IMAG1562IMG_2756IMAG1564IMAG1565IMAG1566IMAG1601IMAG1602IMAG1610imageimage-1image-2image-3IMAG1357 (2)IMAG1355IMAG1354IMAG1353 (2)IMAG1350 (2)IMAG1368IMAG1370IMAG1371IMAG1372IMAG1349 (2)IMAG1366IMAG1360IMAG1361 (2)IMAG1362IMAG1363 (2)IMAG1365IMAG1354 (2)IMAG1355 (2)IMAG1357IMAG1358IMAG1359IMAG1353IMAG1352IMAG1350IMAG1349


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