Fairley’s Twelfth Month

Fairley Anne,

Our precious girl – you are now a year old! I can’t even believe how quickly this past year has flown by! This has been a year full of fun, lots of memories and pure joy! Here is a recount of some of the major happenings from this past month:

  • I forgot to list this last month, but you love to pretend to talk on the phone. It’s so fun to see you grab your pretend cell phone (or anything really) and jabber away!
  • This month you have started standing on your own, and you’re attempting a few steps on your own these days! I think your time to start walking is quickly approaching!
  • You also love to climb. You can climb up the stairs, up on top of most furniture, into your walker stroller, basically anything. We have to really keep our eyes on you these days!
  • For about a week this month, you did something that really made Mommy’s heart full. We could ask you, “Who loves you?” and you would quickly answer, “Momma.” I loved this so much because it’s so true!!!
  • You can also identify both me and your dad, both in person and in pictures.
  • We’ve started something really fun this month – family dinners! We pull your high chair up to our table, and we eat together as a family almost every night now. We talk about our days’ happenings and things we can pray about as a family, we enjoy dinner, and then we read a Bible devotional and pray together as a family.  It’s one of my favorite times each day!
  • This month, we had a big snow here in the city. The day after, we were able to enjoy playing together in the aftermath. You absolutely loved sledding in Central Park!
  • You make lots of sounds these days including several animals sounds and two of my favorites – our Keurig coffee maker and the clock. What a fun personality you have!
  • Here are some new words you are able to say: banana, memma (for Emma), baba (bottle and baby), more (and the sign language for it), wawa (for water and also the sign langauge),  all gone/all done (and sign), help, fafa (for Fairley), and the /f/ sound. It’s so fun to hear you talk and to interact with you!!
  • Your birthday was a fun and special day of celebration including banana pancakes in the morning, gifts throughout the day, fun times playing with Emma throughout the day, a visit from Aunt Brooke, a trip down to the MNYBA office to visit, a play date with Kelcey and Hudson, Denise, and Haley and Addie, and then a dinner with Gramma, Papa Tay, Krista, and Owen including spaghetti pie and a banana cake with cream cheese icing and a Google+ hangout with GiGi and Big Dad!
  • Your birthday party is coming up in a few weeks where we will celebrate with all our NYC family and friends and also GiGi, Big Dad, and Aunt Tonya! It’s sure to be a fun time celebrating an amazing one year old girl!

We love you so much, Fairley Anne Field! Thanks for being a part of our family and for making every day so much fun! I love your passion for life and your curiosity and desire to explore. I’m excited to begin year #2!

“So give your father and mother joy! May she who gave you birth be happy.” Proverbs 23:25

You have made us so happy!! We love you!


Mommy and Daddy

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