E Is for Egg – March Tot School

March will be a condensed month since E will be with her grandparents in Texas while Fairley’s grandparents visit us in NY for one week. Either way, I want to make much of the upcoming holiday this month – Easter!! There are so many great activities to do to celebrate Easter (and the resurrection, not just the bunny side of things), but I also know that the girls are both still a little young for many of these things. If we don’t get to them all this year, we’ll have a wealth of ideas waiting for us for next year!

Bible Verse: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said!” Matthew 28:6

Book: Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs?

Color Focus: Green

-Mixing blue and yellow to make green.

-Book – Little Blue and Little Yellow

Shape Focus: Oval – Stickers activity

Oval sheet

Letter Focus: Ee

Easter Coloring Page

Easter Coloring Page 2

E Is For Egg Coloring Page

Music: Grooveshark Playlist

Here Comes Peter Cottontail
Little Bunny Foo Foo

Art Exploration/Dramatic Play:

Do-a-Dot Art

Handprint Gift Ideas

Tissue Paper Cross

Felt Easter Basket – same as our Christmas tree/snowman


Easter Sensory Bin

Chocolate-Scented Playdoh…a little worried to make this since Fairley already loves eating playdoh…

taken from this blog

1 ¼ c. flour
½ c. cocoa powder
½ c. salt
½ T. cream of tartar
1 ½ T. cooking oil
1 c. boiling water
Mix the dry ingredients. Add the oil and boiling water. Stir quickly, mixing
well. When cool, mix with your hands.


Cross Color Puzzles

Color Matching (eggs with pompons)

Motor Skills: 

Plastic eggs in and out of carton

Cross Lacing

Snack Ideas:

Lots of ideas from the Happy Home Fairy

Field Trip/Service Project: Hoping to start serving at the nursing home once a month

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