Our First Attempt at Tot School

So I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued with the idea of Tot School. I love reading all the blogs of moms who are so purposeful in educating their little tots at home. I’ve been excited/anxious to start something like this with Fairley when she turns one, but now that I have the joy of watching E, a dear friend’s little girl, during the week, I think it’s time Tot School commences! (E is fourteen months old.) So here we go! My (very basic/flexible) lesson plan for the next two weeks is below and is a compilation of all the great ideas of other Tot School moms who were gracious enough to share the wealth! As you can see, our first attempt is not going to be very regimented since I’m not sure what we are capable of accomplishing, so I’m pretty much just listing out the ideas of things that I would like to try to do over these last two weeks of October. :)

So this month’s (err, two weeks’) theme is Orange/Pumpkins.

Bible Verse: 

“For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,”
2 Corinthians 4:6

Color Focus: Orange

Letter Focus: Pp

Book: The Pumpkin Gospel

Music (Mondays):

Pumpkin Songs

This Little Light of Mine

Art Exploration (Tuesdays):

P Is for Pumpkin – Either using colors, Do-A-Dots, or Edible Paint

Pumpkin Handprints

Science/Sensory (Wednesdays):

Pumpkin Playdoh

Carving and exploring the inside of  a pumpkin

Math (Thursdays):

Comparing small, medium, and large pumpkins

Counting pumpkin seeds (Can also clean them and use them for filling/pouring)

Snack (Whenever possible):

English Muffin Pumpkins

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