Eight Months

Fairley Girl,

You are so full of joy, and you fill our lives with your joy each day. We are so grateful God gave us to you, and we pray that every day we can remember you are His and give you right back to him. Here are a few of the highlights and milestones from your eighth month.

  • You are a VERY vocal baby. Today on the walk home from church, you sang and made sounds for at least twenty minutes straight. Here are the sounds you can make: baba, mama, dada, atta, and an awesome kissing sound where you pucker your lips and look cuter than I ever thought possible! You can also make raspberries with your mouth, which Big Dad taught you to do while I was feeding you carrots. Orange messiness went everywhere!!! J
  • We think you love music because if we hold out a long note, you usually join us, and you love the trick daddy showed you where you can make your voice shake by beating your hand against your mouth while singing. (You also love to try to do it while other people are singing, too.) You are also constantly tapping your foot like you have a sweet little song playing in your head at all times.
  • You love people, especially other kids. While we’re out and about in the city, you look around and “talk” to get people’s attention, and then you give them a BIG smile!
  • This month we took a trip to Texas to see GiGi and Big Dad and the rest of your Texas family! We had so much fun, and you were always the life of the party (as usual!) We started calling Big Dad “Big Toy” because we’re pretty sure that’s what you think he is. GiGi spent lots of special time with you in the mornings, and she even let you take a little dip in the pool. (Oh, Texas weather!)
  • You’re continuing to do well with solid foods. Here are some new ones you tried and liked this month: broccoli, pears, prunes, peaches, potatoes, Greek yogurt, and green beans. While we were in Texas, PawPaw gave you some French fries, and needless to say, you loved those!
  • You are still army crawling, but you are now more interested in pulling up. You can pull up to the standing position from the seated position. (Good think you can’t sit up from the lying down position yet, or we’d have to lower your crib already!)
  • You still sleep through the night from about 7:30 PM-7AM.
  • You are still on a four hour schedule. You eat at 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 7 PM. You take two (sometimes three) naps a day. You go down for a nap between 9 and 10 AM and 1 and 2 PM (and then sometimes again around 4:30).
  • You are continuing to grow. You now weigh 17.8 pounds!
  • Some of your favorite songs are: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands, Mr. Sun

We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy, Fairley Anne! We love you so much!

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