Fairley Anne Field – 7 Months

Fairley Girl,

I feel like you have changed more in this past month than in any of the other months of your life. You are growing so quickly, and I am trying desperately to take in and remember every single moment with you! Here’s a recap of some of the excitement from this past month.

  • You are on the move!! You can army crawl to get anywhere you want to go. You are starting to get up on your knees, but army crawling seems to be sufficient for you for now.
  • You can sit up! You look like such a big girl now as you sit up and play with all your toys.
  • You are very talkative these days. You coo and giggle and babble almost non-stop sometimes…and we love it!
  • You love playing peek-a-boo! We can get some of the best giggles from you this way. You also love when we pretend to sneeze.
  • You’re doing great with solid foods. You love applesauce, bananas, carrots, and pumpkin. You will tolerate zucchini, squash, pears, and sweet potatoes. You do NOT like (as of right now) peas or avocado. We still have a lot of fun foods to try, but you’re doing great already!
  • This month, you had a Daddy Day while Mommy went to Philadelphia. You went to the park, joined some friends for a picnic, and just had so much fun with Daddy. Mommy was really excited to see you when you and Daddy joined her in Philly the next day!
  • You also had your first overnight trip away from Mommy and Daddy. You stayed with Gramma and Papa Tay and did great! We were so happy to see you when we got home, though!
  • You took your first bubble bath this month, and you loved it! You are almost able to sit up by yourself in the bathtub, and you’re starting to enjoy bath time more and more!
  • You still sleep through the night from about 7:30 PM-7AM.
  • You are still on a four hour schedule. You eat at 7 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM, and 7 PM. You take two (sometimes three) naps a day. You go down for a nap between 9 and 10 AM and 1 and 2 PM (and then sometimes again around 4:30).
  • You have a new playmate who comes over during the week. Emma comes to play Monday through Thursday. She is a sweet friend, and I can tell that you girls love one another already!
  • You are growing so well! We finally went to the doctor last week (for your 6-month appointment – oops!), and you weigh 16.8 pounds (50th percentile) and are 27.2 inches long (75th percentile).
  • You have a lot of favorite songs these days. The Grand Old Duke of YorkApples and Bananas, and I Take My Little Hands and Go Clap, Clap, Clap are just a few!

We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy, Fairley Anne! We love you so much!

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