Fairley Anne Field – 5 Months

Fairley Anne,

This has been such a busy and exciting month! The summertime has brought with it trips, visitors, milestones, and more! You are so interactive now, and we enjoy every single moment we get to spend with you!

  • We started this month with a trip to Texas. We were able to go to Austin for a night, where you met Aunt Mandy and Leighton and your new friend, David, for the first time! It was such a special treat! We also got to attend the Roark (MeMaw’s) family reunion, and it was so fun to share you with all of the cousins! We also saw Uncle Aaron and Heather while we were in Texas.
  • This trip brought with it a new development in your abilities and personality – that of squealing with delight! It’s so fun to hear you “squawk” as I sometimes call it.
  • While we were in Texas, you also got to take your first swim! I think you loved the water, but you were always a little sleepy at the time of day that we decided to go for a dip!
  • GiGi and Big Dad came back to the city with us from Texas. We enjoyed lots of family fun time while they were here!
  • Gramma and Papa Tay returned from their sabbatical, where they drove and camped all across the country. They sent you lots of post cards while they were gone, and they came back with lots of fun little gifts for you!
  • You love to play the “I’m gonna get you!” game. I try to give you kisses while your daddy moves you away right before I can reach you. You love it!
  • We spent the 4th of July with all four of your grandparents, Uncle Owen and Aunt Krista, Aunt T, Uncle Robin, and Aunt Carolyn. Aunt Krista had you laughing so hard that we heard the best belly laugh EVER from you (and got it on tape).
  • You weaned yourself from the swaddle. Now you go to sleep with only a onesie and sleep sack during the day and with only footie pajamas at night. You start on your back, but you inevitably roll to either your side or to your stomach each time. Your favorite sleeping position is on your side with your thumb in your mouth. (This is where your momma will eat her words about not having a child who sucks her thumb…it’s just too cute and helps you sleep!)
  • One time we left your owl rattle in bed with you, and when you were ready to get up, you found it and shook it. (Ok, or maybe it just happened to be left right beside your hand…)It kind of felt like you had a little bell and were calling for your lady’s maid to come attend to you. J
  • You continue to be a great sleeper and sleep through the night. We still get you up for a dream feed, but we’re close to weaning you from this, too.
  • You are on a four hour schedule. You eat every four hours, then you are awake for about an hour and a half, and then you sleep for about one to two hours. You still take three naps each day, but usually only one of them is long, and the other two are little cat naps.
  • You’re getting so big! I’m not sure of your exact weight now, but I do know that you are big enough/have enough head control for me to hold you on my hip. I almost cried the first time I did because it made me realize how you are not a newborn anymore!
  • You’ve developed a lot! You can now: reach out and grasp objects, roll over, and follow conversations by turning your head and looking at the person who is talking.
  • Your favorite songs are: You Are My Sunshine and If All the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops.

We are so blessed to be your mommy and daddy, Fairley Anne! We love you so much!

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