Summer Missionaries Make It Happen!

Summer is an exciting time around the MNYBA where we find that the building is  filled with the energy of not only mission teams, but also many summer missionaries, giving up their entire summers to come work with our association and its various churches throughout the metropolitan NY area. Below is a picture of some of the interns we have serving with us this summer.

We’d love for you to join us in prayer for these summer missionaries as they work diligently to serve Jesus in NYC this summer. Below are a few specific prayer requests from some of our interns:

Kevin Summitt (Graffiti Church/Graffiti 3): Guidance as I am leading the Graffiti 1 student ministry would be great to pray for!!

Allison Pleiman (MNYBA and Graffiti Church): My prayer request for this summer is for God to use me to be a witness, minister, and influence the people I encounter and serve every single day. I want God to break my pride away from me and remind me it’s never about me; it’s only about bringing glory to God.

Mariah Miller (Graffiti 2): I would love prayer for all the kids and youth that we come in contact with this summer at Graffiti 2. I pray their eyes are opened to the victory and freedom they can have in Christ. And that through them a revolution would begin in the neighborhood.

Crystal Lyons (MNYBA): Boldness to share Jesus with people I meet, direction for my future, relationship with my friend from college

Season Helms (MNYBA): That I would continue to have a spirit of service and willingness throughout the summer and that I would stay open to do what the Lord wants me to do.

Jonathan Chaine (Hispanic churches): For my family back home

Tonya Wilkerson (MNYBA): That God would teach me more about His character, use me for His glory alone, and mold me to look more like Jesus as I live and work in this incredible city this summer!

Morgan Robertson (Gallery Church) –  Adjusting to the city and becoming more outgoing and willing to talk to people that I don’t know

Britni Dennis and Susan Briggs (Gallery Church): That God would be glorified and His name would be made great in everything they do here – from working in the church to meeting and interacting with people on the street

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