Fairley Anne Field – This Is Your Life – Month One


My sweet Fairley girl…I can’t believe that it’s already been a month since you were born. Every moment with you has brought your dad and me an immense amount of joy, and we look forward to so many more joy-filled moments with you.

Here are a few of the things we have learned about you along with some highlights from your first month:

  • Your hair is fabulous. It will not lay down for anything. It sticks up all the time, but I’ve fallen in love with this punk rock look of yours. Also, when it’s wet, it’s crazy curly. The waves and curls are now starting to last even when it’s dry. Mommy might be headed for a huge learning curve if she has to style your curly hair. J
  • Your skin is darker than both your dad and mine combined. We knew this would be inevitable if we named you Fairley – dark hair and dark skin. Oh the irony!
  • Your eyes were dark blue when you were first born. They’ve lightened up a lot this last month and are absolutely beautiful! We love when you make wide eyes at us!
  • At your last doctor’s appointment two weeks ago, you had almost reached your birth weight again. You were 7 lbs, 9 oz. You go back to the doctor again on Monday for your one month appointment. I’m curious to see how much you have grown!
  • You have outgrown your very smallest newborn clothes, but you still fit in most of them. (We even had to buy a few new outfits for you last week because most of the clothes we have for you are too big right now!)
  • You have been holding your head up since the first week after you were born! You are such a strong girl! When we put you on our shoulders to burp you or cuddle you, you lift your head and look around the whole time.
  • You are not a fan of being on your back. You LOVE tummy time and can stay in that position all day, but you tend to let us know that you do not want to be left on your back. (I’m just glad you are content with at least sleeping on your back since that’s safest for you!)
  • You can also roll from your stomach to your side. We’re convinced you’re about to be rolling around soon. Good thing we don’t have a huge living space to chase you down in!
  • You seriously are a baby Houdini. You are the master at getting out of any swaddle. You love sleeping with your hands up by your face so every time we get you swaddled and leave you in your crib, we inevitably hear you grunting to fight out. And you usually win. Every time we come to get you, you have at least one arm out. My favorite, though, is when you discovered that you could just take your arm out of your sleeve and push it up through the neck of your sleeper. Genius.
  • You get the hiccups. Often. They seem to annoy you.
  • You sound like a chipmunk when you sneeze, and I love it.
  • You make the sweetest contented sounds when you are either eating or in a deep sleep.
  • You and I both fall asleep when nursing sometimes. I guess this led to Daddy and I having dreams that you were still in bed with us (after one of us had already put you back in the crib). On more than one occasion, your dad or I would wake up frantically looking for you in all the covers and pillows. Thankfully you were snoozing away in your nursery and not lost in our bed. J
  • You have adjusted pretty well to a schedule. You eat every 2.5-3 hours, usually at 7, 10, 1, 4, 7, and 10. You wake up around 1 or 2 in the morning to eat and then again at 4 or 5. Then we start again at 7.
  • You make the cutest faces when you are waking up and stretching. Coming to wake you up to eat has been one of my favorite things to do because you look so peaceful sleeping, and then when I wake you up, you make the best faces! This morning, though, I came to get you to eat, and you were already awake. You weren’t really even crying; you were just lying there looking around. I’m not sure which I like better now!
  • You love “Daddy time.” You light up when your dad picks you up, and he’s proven to be the best at keeping you awake during your “wake times” each day.
  • You are a great prayer partner. Mommy loves praying for you and with you each morning, and singing worship songs over you while I rock you or before I put you down are some of my favorite moments with you.
  • You had your first little cold this month, but you were a trooper. All it took was some saline drops, a humidifier, and an elevated mattress and you were all better! Thanks, Dr. Gidwani!
  • You took your first bottle this week! Daddy enjoys his time with you each night, and Mommy gets to catch up on a little sleep!
  • You have been on several walks already. Sometimes Mommy wears you in the carrier and sometimes you ride in style in your stroller. We had two especially eventful trips to Central Park – one involved getting lost in the Rambles with GiGi and Big Dad. (Who knew how hard it was to find your way out of CP with a path that didn’t include stairs???) The other involved a yummy lunch at Le Pain Quotidien with Gramma. (You are a foodie baby already!)
  • You’ve started to show us a few smiles. I believe they are real ones, and I can’t wait to see more of them!

We love you, Fairley Anne! Thanks for bringing us more joy imaginable in this first month of your life!


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