Our First Week with Lots of Teams!

We have been so excited and blessed by all of the teams that we have gotten to work with this week.  Because of some rescheduling with Hurricane Irene, this is our first week with full teams staying in the large dorm area.  We have three groups of people here working with churches in New York and helping work with us here at the MNYBA.

The first team is Embrace Women’s ministry from North Carolina.  Led by Ashley Allen, they have been working with ministries all over the city, from Graffiti 2 in the Bronx, to different ethnic churches working with different cultures here in the city, like the South African or Asian population in the city.  We are so excited for them to see everything that God is doing here, and we are so grateful for all of their help.  We hope to continue to partner with all of them and hope that there will be more trips for them back to the city!

We also have two people from The River church in Colorado.  They are visiting place and churches in New York to use media to show some of the things that God is doing in the city.  The offered to create a video to highlight the MNYBA mission team housing opportunities, and so we will post that as soon as it is ready.

We also have a group from Tennessee, who bought their construction skills and materials to do HUGE projects to make our sixth floor area better, including putting in new, lowered ceilings.  They have had an amazing servant spirit while they have been here, and we are looking forward to a long partnership between their church and the MNYBA.

This weekend we also got to attend a 9/11 Remembrance Service at Graffiti Church. Kareem, the Associate Pastor, spoke about how there is a purpose for us to remember this things, to remember that God rebuilds, and he always redeems. Here’s a link to a great sermon:

Candace and I have had a full week, but we have a good weekend ahead of us, as we take a trip to Philadelphia with Owen and Krista (brother and sister-in-law) for the girls to participate in a half marathon!

We love you all, and we appreciate your prayers so much!

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