We are Finally Here!

About to pull out of Nederland!So, as we pulled out of my parents’ driveway in our Uhaul truck, Freeman and I both quickly decided we might as well have been in a truck covered like a shaggy dog for this cross-country drive. (I apologize for the Dumb and Dumber reference, but after my navigational errors sent Freeman thirty miles in the wrong direction on our FIRST turn, there’s no other comparison that would really do it justice.) But honestly, after a mistake like that at 4 AM in the morning, our day could really only get better. And it did. We enjoyed our drive through Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and finally to North Carolina.  Fortunately, we had

purchased an iTrip to connect our iPod to the AM/FM radio we had in the Uhaul. Listening to sermons, books on tapes, and good music made the 16 hours just fly by…well…it made it a little more bearable. We were so relieved to park the truck at Ridgecrest in North Carolina and be greeted by Freeman’s parents for a delicious dinner, a good night’s rest, and a yummy outdoor breakfast before we hit the road again on Monday morning.

Monday’s drive led us through Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and finally through the Lincoln Tunnel and in to New York City! Freeman did an amazing job of driving the Uhaul through the city to 72ndand Broadway, where we were greeted by an eager mission team from Florida. At 10:30 PM with lots of help we unloaded the truck and stacked our boxes outside of our almost-ready apartment. The same team had spent that day painting the apartment for us! We are so grateful for all their help preparing our future home!

The Lincoln Tunnel…Almost there!

Thank you so much for your all your prayers and support thus far. The plan is to finish moving into our apartment this weekend and to jump into our ministry at the MNYBA by Monday. We will continually appreciate your prayers as we move forward in this ministry to which we have been called. We are excited to become a part of what God is already doing in this city!

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