Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to update everyone to let you know that Hurricane Irene looks to have passed and everything on the Field front is safe and happy!  We still have to check out the rest of the building, but it looks as though the Upper West Side wasn’t hit as hard as some other places in the city.  Because there are trees right outside our apartments, we did take a trip to sleep up on the sixth floor in one of the rooms without windows just in case.  It is always fun to sleep in bunk beds.  But all that to say, we are safe, but pray for the city as there is still a lot of clean up as they figure out the damage.


Two amazing things that happened this week that we wanted share with you all!

First, we had our first two groups to stay in our main dorm housing since we got here.  It was so exciting to get to see churches that were looking to have a long term partnership with NYC.  We had Central Baptist Church have a team to work with and hear about some ministries in NYC, and learn how their church can be part of what God is doing to reach the nations in the city.  We also had a group of people representing a group of churches in North Carolina, and went to meet with churches reaching different people groups across the city.  We are sad, though, because both groups had to leave early, so we are hoping that we get to see them again soon!

The second occurred at our “get connected” meeting, where the MNYBA invites pastors from across the city to inform and encourage them, and connect them to further the gospel in the city.   During our time, there was a time where we all worshiped and sang together, and then a prayer time where everyone was invited to pray in the language of their heart and their origin, and it was amazing to worship with these men and women that are here in the city, reaching the nations for Christ.  It was awesome to hear them cry out to Jesus for our city in so many languages, that even though I may have never heard of them.  It is also amazing to think about how beautiful each one of those prayers are to God.  It was a time where the Holy Spirit was definitely present, and I am so glad we are in this city where we get to interact with the nations so much.

We are working this week to reschedule some teams that had flights that were cancelled, so please pray that they will have safe travels when they do get to come up to New York.

We love you all and will post more soon.

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