7 Days of Prayer

Hello Everyone,

We wanted to thank you again for all of the support and prayers you have given us as we are in the midst of moving to the city.  Seven days from today will be one of our first full days in the city, and we know that we want to pray for the city and the people there, so I thought we would send out 7 prayer requests, one for each day between now and then.

We will be sending one each day between now and then via facebook and twitter, but here’s an overview for each day:

1)  Thursday, August 4th- Pray that Christ will bring restoration to New York City and it’s economic, social and relational brokenness, but ultimately that He will draw people to Him and show them the restoration that there is in Christ. (and realize our own personal brokenness without Him and how important the Gospel is).

2)  Friday, August 5th- Pray for our (Candace and my) hearts to love and care for those that are different than us, and to boldly walk into the situations that God has for us, even if it takes us out of our comfort zone.

3)Saturday, August 6th – Pray that our conversations and interactions center around the truth of the gospel, and do not become about pride or debates over morality.

4) Sunday, August 7th – Pray for the local churches in NYC, that they would be empowered and equipped to be a lasting image of Christ in the city.

5) Monday, August 9th – Pray that Christ will fill the city with his followers, whether through new believers praising his name, or other people who are Christian who feel a specific call to move to NYC for no other reason but to live radically for Christ and boldly show who Christ is.

6)  Tuesday, August 10th  – Pray for the nations that are represented in the city, that through this city the gospel will be preached to the nation, and that people will be called to go from the city to return to share the gospel in all the nations of the world.

7) Wednesday, August 11th – Pray that God will be glorified in all things by all people.  Nothing is too big for our God.

We thank you guys so much for all of your prayers, and our next full post after these prayers will be from the city!  Pray for our long drive!

Freeman and Candace

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