Our Next Steps…of FAITH!

As we all know, the time to make a decision about our future is quickly approaching since we gave our 60-day notice to move out this weekend. Fortunately, what has been a year of praying and seeking the Lord’s will has finally brought us to a place of peace about where this next phase of life should take us.

After a great deal of prayer, we really feel like God is calling us to move to New York. Although we have not yet heard back from CUNY, the last school to which Freeman applied, we are confident that God wants us to move to the city for not only the opportunity for Freeman to pursue his PhD, but also, and maybe more importantly, to pursue the ministry opportunity He has given us there.

We feel strongly that God has given us the gift of hospitality, and we don’t feel it’s a coincidence that we’ve been asked to use that gift in NYC to host and minister to teams who have come there to serve. We heard a statistic the other day that said that 97% of the people living in NYC do not have a personal relationship with God, and knowing the population to be so great, that’s a lot of people who are destined for an eternity separated from God if the church does not intervene. What is so neat about the Metropolitan New York Baptist Association is that it connects not only churches across the city to mobilize them to share the gospel, but it also connects them with churches across the country to send people to the city to labor for the cause of the gospel. We do feel that we have been called to foreign missions at some point, and we think that this might even be a starting point because over 100 countries are represented in the city, many of which have never heard the Good News. We really want to be a part of bringing the gospel to the nations, even in the US.

We are overwhelmed with excitement and anticipation as the next two months will require a lot of planning and preparation, but we’re confident that we’re headed to the place we’ve been called. We would covet your prayers during this time of preparation, and we’d love visitors once we get there! :)

Love you all,
Freeman and Candace

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